IELTS Preparation

“Are you aspiring to excel in the IELTS exam and open doors to local and international opportunities? Look no further! Our IELTS Preparation Course is designed to empower students like you with the skills and confidence needed to conquer the IELTS exam. Our experienced instructors are IELTS experts, dedicated to guiding you through every aspect of the test, from reading and writing to speaking and listening. The personalized attention, practice tests, and constructive feedback you get, all set us apart from the rest. Besides, our track record of proven IELTS success stories speaks volumes.”

Question 1. What does the New Education World IELTS Preparation course involve?

Here at NEW, we have developed proven techniques that provide the students with the skills necessary to achieve the IELTS Band Score that they need for entrance into a university program here in Thailand or to study at the university level overseas.

These strategies include methods for the students to get the highest possible score based on their present English skills.

We teach the students how to structure their writing and how to respond to the questions during the speaking section. 

Of crucial importance, we allow ample opportunity for the students to practice their writing and speaking especially in addition to reading and listening. They receive regularly consistent feedback always keeping in mind the band score that they want.

Question 2. What will the student gain from the IELTS prep course at NEW?

Every student receives an honest appraisal of their current English skills from an experienced native English speaking IELTS instructor. 

The student studies and prepares for the IELTS in a supportive , encouraging yet challenging environment where the teacher is honest, engaging, and understanding. 

Each student is sure to have personal attention and continual feedback from the teacher since there is a maximum of four students in the classroom. 

The instructor keeps records of how the student is doing in all four of the areas so that the student and the instructor know the realistic IELTS band score that can be achieved by the student.

Question 3. Why should an IELTS student study at NEW?

  • We believe that the student’s success is our success.
  • We have a 60-period course that we offer but we tailor the course to the needs of the student  Which ensures that the student isn’t spending more money than they need to.
  • We offer IELTS as a private one-on-one course or if it is a class, there are not more than four students per class.
  • We use real past IELTS test papers in training. 
  • We have summarized the development and changes of the IELTS test over the years, so we can inform the student what to expect specifically on test day.
  • We make sure that the student understands and has practised all of the question types for all of the IELTS sections.
  • We are continually assessing the student so that a realistic understanding of the range of the student’s IELTS outcome is estimated before the student takes the official IELTS test.
  • Once the student takes the official test, the staff stay in contact  and receive a report of the band score. The instructor can then recommend whether the student should retake the test or not. Since the performance of the student has been documented informally throughout their completed course,  and the  instructor has a very solid knowledge of the student’s potential score and whether he/she had a “bad day” or not on test day.
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