Academic English
4 Skills Focus

“Explore a fresh dimension of English by embarking on a transformative journey, right from foundational fluency to advanced mastery. Our comprehensive academic English courses blend knowledge with the application of novel approaches, methods and technologies to improve and enhance your learning process. We're dedicated to delivering students with unmatched educational prospects that enable them to thrive in their chosen areas of expertise.”

Question 1: What can New Education World offer a student who is interested in academic English?

  1. First, we have a very effective IELTS test preparation program for those students who need a test score to further their academic education either at a university here in Thailand or if they want to study overseas.
  2. Second, we here at NEW have created a series of courses from the low elementary to advanced English level which teaches in-depth academic English. This is essentially a pathway that the student can use to learn in a stepwise fashion all of the academic skills and vocabulary to do well on an academic exam or to be successful at university anywhere in the world.
  3. Third, we offer the interested student an academic Writing course which will benefit those who 1) Who are struggling with a specific aspect of academic writing, say, the essay OR alternatively, 2) Students who want to learn more about expressing their ideas in an academic way in a range of formats from paragraphs to various types of essays.

Question 2– Can you go into some more detail about the academic English instruction that you offer?

  1. Certainly.  For more detail about our academic English test prep courses, I encourage you to go to the IELTS test prep section of our website. But briefly, we hold private or small classes for IELTS students with a specific focus on getting the maximum number of IELTS questions right using past papers as our main source of content. This methodology has proven effective over the years and we have documented success stories from many of our former students.
  2. The academic English pathway that I mentioned a moment ago uses a professionally created textbook which contains  various academic themes with a central focus on learning vocabulary, analyzing reading, developing speaking skills, fostering academic writing skills, and improving academic listening across the various levels of English proficiency. So, a student can enter the pathway at the level where they are proficient and then move through the remaining courses as they master the modules. The student actively engages with the material to take notes, completes academic writing assignments, discusses their ideas in class, and increases their understanding of vocabulary. This is all done by improving the student’s four English skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in a consistently academic context.
  3. The academic writing course teaches the student how to go through the academic writing process including brainstorming ideas, choosing those to include in their writing, actually writing their ideas in the proper academic structure, and then to evaluating their own writing when they are done to see what editing must be done. We here at NEW show the student how to write at a more formal register in a precise, objective, balanced way that shows critical analysis and is based on explicit evidence. This is done by using sample academic writing for analysis, motivating the students to develop their own ideas, encouraging them to practice their writing, and giving continual constructive feedback.
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